How does PL Tracker works?
The installation of tracking takes place in several stages. First, the app determines which mobile operator serves the SIM card inserted into the phone. Then it uses the vulnerability of the SS7 data transmission protocol to connect to the base stations. Applying triangulation, the software uses data from the three nearest towers to determine the exact location of the device.
How it works
PL Tracker enables locating mobile devices worldwide. This advantage is due to exploiting the global SS7 vulnerability of mobile carriers.
I'm going to use the application to track several people. How do I create more than 5 tracking sessions from one Phone-Locator account?
Each user's Phone-Locator profile supports simultaneous monitoring of up to 5 tracking sessions. If you want to track more numbers, you need to register more than one profile in your Phone-Locator personal cabinet.
How accurate is the PL Tracker?
Demo version of PL Tracker works only in the evaluation mode. After you purchase a paid subscription, the perimeter of the location will be narrowed down to about ten square meters.
Can PL Tracker find mobile device without enable internet data?
PL Tracker doesn’t require an active Internet connection on the target device. Cell phone signals interceptor works by another principles.
How many time does PL Tracker session take?
Once you enter your mobile number and subscribe, you’ll see your phone's current location in a matter of minutes.
Why are cryptocurrencies used for payments?
Cryptocurrency payments ensure the highest level of confidentiality for both the sender and the payee. It's also a general solution for the users of PL Tracker from around the world. We accept the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Currency
For what purposes can I use PL Tracker?
Monitoring your family and friends, better business management, tracking of any mobile device with support for a SIM – this is only a short list of opportunities that our team offers.
Do I need to install PL Tracker?
Additional software downloading and app Installing is not required. Moreover, you can use PL Tracker from any device with stable Internet connection.
Which mobile devices are supported?
PL Tracker fully compatible with any mobile devices. The only requirement is GSM module on the board.
Can a person knows that he is being traced?
The target will not receive any notifications. The features and services provided on this website don’t influence the normal behavior of the device – it does not “act strange” and does not display any notifications. All queries are performed using intelligent routing system that masks the queries from the website, making it almost impossible to monitor or trace the SS7 commands in any manner.
How confidential is the use?
We guarantee that PL Tracker is completely confidential. All user information passes through the two-factor encryption phase. In addition, we reserve the right to non-disclosure to third parties about any transactions related to the PL Tracker.
How much does it cost?
Current rates are specified inside “Dashboard“ section and on the “Pricing” page. Please be sure to check the special offers and bonuses we provide for new users.
How many times can I use the PL Tracker after the subscription purchasing?
The total number of searches is unlimited. The subscription is active for one month and allows searching for one device unlimited number of times.
Which payment systems are suitable for Phone-Locator payment?
We accept transfers via all popular payment systems and cryptocurrency platforms. You can find the full list of supported methods in the Tariffs section.
Is it possible to use the app for free?
Yes, you need to become a member of our affiliate program. You will get a unique affiliate link, and your task is to attract new users through any available channels. The system will credit your account with 20% of all funds spent by your referred users.