We offer our customers detailed information on the requested mobile number on a Country/Network/LAC/Cell level, which may be used for various purposes, some of which are:

  • Searching for cell phones (compatible with iPhone, Android, and any other mobile devices);
  • Phone number lookup (general or detailed information);
  • Tracking location and movement history with the ability to view data in the "Dashboard section";
  • Family locator for your family and loved ones monitoring;
  • Geofencing for the majority of cell phones and other mobile devices;

Define your own scope of application of the features, offered by PL Tracker

Our tool utilizes the latest available technologies that are completely legal to provide an advanced user-friendly service and the most accurate results possible. PL Tracker is able to locate devices by exploiting the advantage of the vulnerabilities, offered by the international SS7 network. Briefly, this is possible through sending and processing conventional MAP messages (signaling messages) with the help of dedicated hubs throughout the globe. This solution does not impose any load neither on a tracked device nor on your computer. None of the parties needs to download and install special hardware, software or plugins.

The valuable information is at your fingertips – you can find out the location, route history, track any cell device in the real - time mode. This monitoring and tracking solution can locate virtually anyone in the world without paying attention to what kind of device this is, as well as to a cell phone model, mobile carrier, availability of GPS feature on a particular device. The only strict requirement is that this device should have a SIM-card and use cellular technology for communication purposes.

PL Tracker cares about its customers PL Tracker Team takes care of its customers privacy – we never disclose information to third parties and never ask to provide sensitive data of any kind. This solution also includes a user authentication and management module. All queries done by the customer are under its full responsibility and in using the solutions customer should comply with all laws and regulations.

The following four items serve as a basis for all our operations:

Variety of tracking options – the ability to send single or multiple tracking queries to the majority of mobile operators through the SS7 protocol, which helps to obtain the data on subscriber’s location at any time and in any country

Automatic trouble - free operation – PL Tracker employs a powerful rule - based engine, which enables users to specify key criteria to track any subscriber or device covertly and automatically, as well as receive alerts when the specific user - defined conditions occur

History and Reports – the system is capable of collecting and presenting query results, which further can be analyzed according to some specific user criteria

End-to-end encryption – all user activities on the website from requests to payments are encrypted and completely anonymous

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