Find my iPhone without access to iCloud

Phone number

To start receiving target data, just enter a user's phone number in the international format.

The software is compatible with devices running on the platforms iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Symbian, and BlackBerry. The tool receives the information from the resource pursuant to Privacy Policy. Phone-Location allowing you to track the current location of target devices, reflecting their geolocation on the map in real time.

Obtained data will be available in the section "Geolocation" of the Dashboard.. All the information about our customers is stored on the resource servers in encrypted form.

Tracking a lost or stolen Apple device online by map

iPhones are easy to lose and they’re attractive targets for thieves. When your phone goes missing, it’s easy to panic - you’ve lost an expensive device containing gigabytes of private information and you could even be vulnerable to identity theft. Hopefully, you maintained passcode protection on your screen, which means you’re safe from data leaks and only need to figure out how to get your device back. Apple developers gives you a way do just that with iCloud and the free "Find My iPhone" feature. Every Apple device (iPhone, iPad, Mac, Watches, etc.) has an active secured account, created when you initially set up your device. With the help of iCloud, you can block or track a smartphone in real-time. But this feature won’t work in all situations.

iCloud Access

Logging into your iCloud account is the obvious way to find your device, but if you don’t know your Apple ID, registration email or password, you can’t gain remove access to your device by “Lost Mode” feature activation. At the same time, password recovery can take too much precious time – it would be wiser to spend it on finding a device starting immediately.

Location Services

If you turned off location services on your Apple device for better battery performance or because of privacy concerns, you won’t be able to locate it using the “Find My iPhone” or the iCloud built-in tracking feature. By exploiting SS7 protocol vulnerability, one can remotely track a mobile device location based on the power and distribution of cell tower signal.

Internet Connection

If your iPhone is turned off or in Airplane Mode, neither iCloud nor the “Find My iPhone” app will be able to locate your lost or stolen device because Apple’s tracking features depend on an active Internet connection. The next time your phone is switched on, iCloud will see the location of the phone, but by then your phone could be halfway around the world, and you’ll never get it back.

iOS Firmware

This is a worst case scenario, since It’s impossible to find and identify a device. It's worth noting that a jailbreak is an expensive and a complicated process that can be carried performed by experts only. That's why when losing an Apple device, one should immediately initiate it's locking.

What if One of the Above Conditions is Unachievable?

PL Tracker developers successfully implemented a popular SS7 cellular network exploit on a remote server. This allows determining a current location of any device capable of receiving a cellular signal (including any iPhone). Just specify a target phone number in international format. No third-party app pre-installation or configuring is required.


Launch Tracker

Activate SS7 PL Tracker online from any section of this website. To do this, you must specify a phone number in international format and click the “Find” button.


Location Obtaining

Initiating a remote interception of a cellular signal by phone number and decrypting received data. The process is fully automated and doesn't require any involvement.


Tracker Confirmation

Message “Success” in the dialog window means that your Apple device location has been discovered and you can obtain its current location on detailed map after subscription purchasing.


Wallet Replenishment

Add funds to your account balance with one of the supported methods. After 3 confirmations from Blockchain, your funds will be available for depositing.


24/7 global сustomer support

PL Tracker Team values each client, pays special attention to feature accuracy and strives towards constant service improvement.


Satisfaction Level

That's the very number of clients willing to use this service once again, according to a recent poll. We appreciate this figure.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does PL Tracker work? The software package initiates a remote SS7 cellular network protocol attack by a phone number that allows intercepting a packet of data registered in a GSM network. This packet contains info on a target's current location.
  • What is its indicators' accuracy level? The discrepancy level is 2-to-10 square meters, as a rule. Depending on the model and type of cellular networks used by a target device, it may vary slightly.
  • What notifications will be send to an iPhone? When SS7 cellular network vulnerability is exploited, it doesn’t affect a target device’s performance. Thus, a current user will receive zero extra notifications, and won't notice any operational anomalies.
  • How long does it take to find a device? Current location will be shown in the “Dashboard” within 5 minutes after launching PL Tracker. Please note that in rare cases several sessions may be required to display the exact device coordinates.
  • In what cases should the software package be used? If you can't determine device location using the built-in “Find My iPhone” feature. Please note that PL Tracker will help only in determining your device location – you'll have to retrieve it on yourself or aided by law enforcement agencies.

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User Reviews

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The software surprised me in a good way. I can highlight several killer features at once: You can use it simultaneously from several devices on different platforms. It works fast enough and completely unnoticeable.

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star star star star star5

Thank you so much to the developers! Due to my stupidity I got into a situation where I needed to find my iPhone without iCloud password, I don't know how I would have gotten out of it without this wonderful software. Thank goodness my phone was on, I forgot it in a cafe. The app found it instantly, and I didn't have to spend a sea of money on a new one.

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star star star star star5

PL saved me after I lost my iPhone on weekend in Turkey. I bought the app on the advice of a friend who had been helped by it in a similar situation. Luckily, the phone was on - it turned out to be on the beach. I sent a beep to it and pretty quickly found it❤️

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star star star star star5

I want to pay my respects to the developers. Thanks to you, the world got another option of how to track an iPhone (or another phone, but I can only answer for iPhone) by geolocation! I am pleased with everything in the application: very wide functionality, design of the Dashboard, speed of operation, user reviews.

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star star star star star5

Honest and safe solution, I recommend it to everyone! Good alternative to the standard solution from Apple, plus it comes with nice bonuses, like cloud storage.

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star star star star star5

I bought the PL after I had lost all hope of tracking my lost iPhone through Apple's services. How surprised I was when the app instantly showed me the last geolocation of my smartphone before it was turned off! I ended up being able to find it and get it back. Thanks to the developers!🙏🏽

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