current location Current Location of any mobile device is no longer a secret

Current Location is an essential information for anyone looking for a particular person or gadget. Two of the most popular areas of use are looking for a person or looking for a lost or stolen device with the use of cellular network. The method works at any time of the day and in any country throughout the globe thanks to the use of completely legal option – exploiting vulnerabilities of SS7 mobile data protocol. This simple feature of PL Tracker will work on any mobile device with a SIM-card inside – it doesn’t matter whether the number belongs to an older or modern phone model. Track Current Location on our website and experience the following benefits.

Current Location Now Can be Easily Discovered by PL Tracker
  • Does not require installation or presence of some particular software or hardware;
  • Works quick and is able to display results within several minutes from the request;
  • Compatible with any cell phone or any other mobile device, which uses cellular technology for communication purposes;
  • Complete anonymity – nobody will ever know that you are currently spying upon a person as the device continues operation as usual;
  • For sure, you will find some other benefits of PL Tracker when you will start using it!
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What our clients are saying

I bought a business package with 5 numbers at once. Information on four of them is displayed correctly, but the fifth one shows incorrect GPS coordinates unambiguously. What can be the reason?

All designed perfectly suggestion super! But the previous lacation was better you could open in full screen and every street name of stores, etc. was clearly visible and on this one not so)) If there is such a possibility to return the previous layout!

The message history shows about 8 out of 10 dialogs, where to look for the rest of the information is not quite clear.

I have two minor children. I tried almost all monitoring solutions, but all had their significant drawbacks. When I discovered PL Locator, many issues were solved, I use it every day.

Very expensive, especially if you run sessions several times a day! Make additional discounts for regular customers.

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