family locator Family Locator - Keeping Track Of Your Loved Ones Just Got A Whole Lot Easier.

Our Family Locator lets you find family members in seconds, any time of the day or night.

Family Locator | PL Tracker
  • Unobtrusive - Instantly find out where everyone is without having to call.
  • Simple - With our remote, online service you don’t need to install and configure any tracking apps.
  • Accurate - We use GPS information and cell phone tower data to locate your family members to the nearest 3 meters. This works even when phones are switched off or out of network range.
  • Clear - See everyone's locations on one convenient smartmap and view a full 7-day history of family movements.
  • Private - Monitoring is invisible. No one knows they’re being tracked unless you tell them.
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Get additional peace of mind with Family Locator

You no longer need to wonder if your kids are where they’re supposed to be. You can check up on their whereabouts instantly as often as you need to. Our remote tracking service doesn’t interact with tracked phones in any way, so your surveillance is completely undetectable. If your kids don’t know you’re checking up on them they have no reason to try to find work - arounds. Our servers update and store new location information every 5 minutes. So in addition to knowing where your kids are at any moment, you can find out exactly where they've been. Location trackers are an essential tool for modern families. With PL it only takes a few minutes to get set up and start tracking. Enjoy a welcome aboard discount when you subscribe today!

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