geofencing Geofencing - A Smart Tool For The Modern Family

Geofencing uses GPS and cell tower signals to monitor your boundaries and let you know when they’ve been crossed.

Geofencing Feature | PL Tracker
  • Fast Set Up.
  • Easy access from any browser.
  • Set up virtual boundaries and receive an instant email or text alert when the boundary is breached.
  • Manage your geofences and other tracking data from "Dashboard" section.
  • No need to install any complicated software. You only need the mobile number for your children’s phones
  • Device

How can this new technology help you?

People love to complain about the way that children and teens are seemingly fused to their smartphones these days. But your kids phone addiction can be your greatest ally. When you set up Geofencing around your home or any other location, you can relax, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be notified the moment your child sneaks away. As soon as they cross the geofence (with their mobile phone) you’ll know about it, and you can head outside to call them back. They never have to know that you’re using a geofence, they’ll simply assume that you saw them sneak out. You can use a geofence for other purposes too. Set one up on your number for when you arrive at home, to remind yourself to feed the cat, collect the mail or water your plants. If there are troublesome people in your life, you can use a geofence with their mobile number, so that you’re never caught out opening the door to an unwelcome visitor. Sign up for a subscription to our service today and grab yourself a little extra peace of mind.

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