number-tracker Number Tracker – determine the exact location by phone number

Number tracker allows to monitor the location history of any person completely anonymously – the results will be displayed on a map online. Unlike some other apps and websites, PL Tracker does not require installation of any additional applications or scripts to a target device. Everything you need is only know the phone number of the desired person and to enter it in the valid international format. Simple as that!

Number Tracker | PL Tracker
  • The service is launched directly on our website through your personal account within a couple of minutes.
  • Is equally effective when you track both mobile and landline phone numbers, not depending on the country or service provider.
  • No special skills or equipment needed to use number tracker: you need only a stable Internet connection and one of the modern Internet browsers.
  • Forms the history of target movement within seven days from the moment of activation and saves the route map directly in your personal account.
  • No need to somehow inform or obtain consent from the owner of the target device – just specify his or her number.
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    Number Tracker – determine the exact location by phone number

How this feature may be useful for you?

Number Tracker has an extremely wide range of application. Information provided by this service includes current location of the subscriber (the exact address, latitude and longitude) and allows to further track the history of movements in online mode. We reserve the right not to transfer information about the actions of users on our website to third parties, so you can track and monitor any phone number. We fully automated this process, made it completely anonymous, safe and accessible to any user.

Enter the number

Simply enter the target phone number in international format and activate the search process.

Choose one of the tariffs

Complete the payment and check your email for further instructions.

Log in to your personal dashboard

To start monitoring the GPS location number, and any other actions taking place on the monitored device.

What our clients are saying

Great app, it helped me a lot. I was walking with my girlfriend and I accidentally dropped my phone, and I realized that it's not there quite so far away. I remembered about the app and through geolocation found my phone. It's good that there are such apps.

This is the best spyware I was lucky enough to find. Most of these programs require installation and dancing around the phone. The fact that many of them do not work at all on the iPhone, are easily identified and cost much more is not worth mentioning.

Affiliate link is selling great, referrals are coming every day. A great way to make good money without leaving your laptop.

The program works perfectly, my request was completely fulfilled. The only thing I would advise is to think more about the moral aspects before starting. I, for example, used it and experienced only negative emotions.

I haven't used it for a month. When I logged into my account, the device that was being monitored disappeared. I did not have time to download the archive into memory, now I do not know how to restore the information. Can anyone help in this situation?

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