find lost devices Location History - See The Detailed Movement History For Any Tracked Mobile Device

Location history shows you a full and accurate movement history for any of your monitored devices.

IPhone Tracker | PL Software
  • Sophisticated mobile tracking technology locates and constantly monitors your targeted devices.
  • Our system delivers fresh location data every 5 minutes.
  • See the location data for all of your tracked numbers on one detailed map.
  • PL Tracker - completely hands - off software, available without installation on the target device.
  • Receive comprehensive location history even when devices are turned off or out of network range.
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Instantly turn any mobile phone or tablet into a tracking device

See the route and location history for anyone, for any reason at all, whether it’s for personal or business use. If you have a person's mobile number you can track them. Get accurate location data. We home in on devices within a precise 3 meter range. When you enter a number to track, you’ll see it’s location just moments later. It doesn’t get any better than that! We store location data on our servers for 7 days, giving you unparalleled detail about tracked movements, and letting you access and review this information at your convenience. PL Tracker never interact with target devices. We pinpoint locations for you by detecting SIM card signals via GPS and cell phone tower triangulation. Because of this approach, your tracking will always remain completely invisible. Subscribe today and receive an extra discount. Enter the phone number you want to track to get started.

Enter the number

Simply enter the target phone number in international format and activate the search process.

Choose one of the tariffs

Complete the payment and check your email for further instructions.

Log in to your personal dashboard

To start monitoring the GPS location number, and any other actions taking place on the monitored device.

What our clients are saying

Guys, you just saved me! Anyway, the story is as follows - I went to Thailand to live for a season. There are 6 weeks to go home and I'm sinking my iPhone into the ocean, and with it my sim!!!

I find this method quite expensive, though effective. Not enough progressive discounts or subscriptions. Very relevant when you use it all the time.

Somehow vaguely described the result of the work. I thought that the information would be automatically updated over time. It turned out that I only paid for a one-time archive. For each subsequent access, will have to pay separately. :(

My girlfriend has an iPhone. To run your program, will I have to do Jailbreak? And is keylogger in the set of options? Thanks beforehand for the answer.

My daughter is studying in another city, so we are very worried that she won't get into an unpleasant situation. I heard from a friend about a spy app for cell phones. We decided to try it. It was a pity there was no free version. I had to buy a package for 5 accesses at once.

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