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GPS Phone Tracker is developed the way that our clients could track the location of any mobile phone in real-time with possibility to view route history for several days. This modern feature works thanks to the ability to send and listen to MAP messages through the SS7 network, which is accessible worldwide. This method does not demand special hardware or software installation to the target device, which makes its use completely anonymous and safe. Just enter any phone number in international format to start using GPS Phone Tracker from PL Tracker. We tried our best to simplify the complicated algorithm to the level that any user is able to benefit all its features and use this spying and tracking service for his or her own needs.

GPS Phone Tracker - Discover Coordinates on the Map | PL Software

Determine your purpose of GPS Tracker

GPS phone tracking can be useful in a variety of situations for businesses and individuals. If you know the cell phone number of the target device, the system will be able to detect the signal of this device and the strength of its interaction with the closest mobile base station. PL Tracker exploits vulnerabilities of SS7 protocol, but these actions are legal and safe, thus letting users of the service benefit from anonymity of such subscriber location search. You may track anyone without being noticed.

  • Identify location of your kids or loved ones on the detailed map;
  • Optimize your business processes by tracking whether your employees duly perform their work-related activities and checking their route history;
  • Satisfy your curiosity and find the current location of any mobile device;
  • And more!
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Enter the number

Simply enter the target phone number in international format and activate the search process.

Choose one of the tariffs

Complete the payment and check your email for further instructions.

Log in to your personal dashboard

To start monitoring the GPS location number, and any other actions taking place on the monitored device.

What our clients are saying

GPS Tracker from PL Tracker is fast, safe and easy - track anyone you need without the risk of being exposed. Thanks for the service

I accidentally transferred more money than I needed. I wrote to the SP with a request for a refund. The extra bits were returned within 30 minutes. I am happy with the service, great customer service, I recommend it.

I like the program, everything is on fire. But 24/7 support sounds loud... At times I waited more than a day for an answer! I don't think they have a hell of a backlog of emails there

Great program. It does not require rooting or any custom firmware. Should we expect the possibility of reading SMS, in theory, should be similar algorithms? The same work with the protocol of the operator.

I lost my password from my main account and they refused to restore it, not very friendly to customers who pay money.

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